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Uncontrollable western teenagers

Why teenagers are behaving more like goons and gangsters in western countries ? In Eastern countries children are taught moral values and ethics. Parents mind if their children speak foul words. Even strangers can stop publicly if you're swearing on. These countries have joint family system. There is no such government organisation like social service.  While in western countries this is too much. Children are spoiled since childhood. They learn swearing from their parents and television also from their surroundings. Parents don't raise any objections as it is normal for them accordingly their own mindset.  I'm not saying or supporting those Eastern parents who torture their children also not supporting Western parents who don't pay attention to their children at all. If you tighten your child all the time he'll be either timid or rebellion vice versa if you spoil your children and don't regulate and monitor their activities then be ready to live your life in ol