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Dating Scams you need to know

Yes, we're going to talk about dating scams you might not know. I'm writing those things in the last so that you can understand all of the scams clearly.  How to recognize that someone you're liking or talking is a scammer or not. It is a quite tough work but here are some simple things :- 1. Account with no profile picture (always avoid) 2. Account has animals or flowers or celebrities don't like just avoid even it has genuine feelings. 3. Account has photos written whatsapp no. clearly avoid it. Many people write their whatsapp no. in their bio you can like them but not all of them are genuine.  4. Only one line written in bio ''NO TIME WASTERS" it means the person is just after money or physical relationship and itself is a scammer. 5. Some scammers directly demand money as gift voucher, mobile recharge etc. 6. Some scammers don't reply what you ask instead they keep insisting on what they want. 7. Some scammers will try to blackmail you emotionally